Monday, November 16, 2009


He has done it again and again. And the punishments on him are also again and again. Yup. This time I will write about Maradona, who once was the greatest player on earth Argentina has ever produced.

Before the arrival of Ronaldo 9 (the fat and the real Ronaldo from Brazil) and the rising of Zinedine Zidane from France, i really love Maradona. I meant, I love the way he played football, that moment. His dribbling skills with his magic left foot were great. And not forgotten, his Hand-Of-God skills were great, too. It shows us that sometimes we need other than leg or head to score goal.


Say what you want. For me to play football, you must now how to dribble. It's a must, i can say. If not, then i shall call you an England team. That's what they did to this beautiful game. Get the ball and make a pass. Or a cross. Do the same things. Again and again. No dribbling because they dont know how. Just look at Beckham, a perfect example on how does English play football.


I dont know why, but i think most of (but not all) the great football players are always mentally-ill. And so with Maradona. Argentina should be proud because they have appointed a mentally-ill person to guide them in 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

This time the Argentinean has been banned from all football related activity for two months. Plus he also has been fined 25 thousand Swiss francs for his post-match rant following the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay last month. This is not the first time this moron does a stupid thing. And it's not going to be the last time, too.

Ah Maradona. He may be the most talented person ever to have played the game but he is such a classless person and a complete and utter disgrace to the sport.

A good example for a footballer to learn on how to be the greatest player. But besides football, i think he's just a moron. A complete moron.


This might be his cousin.
The great comedian Johnny Lever.

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