Thursday, December 24, 2009


I watched Avatar, last night. Yes last night. Wednesday night. Alone. 6th row from the screen. But since i'm alone, it didnt bother me at all.

What else to say? Worth every single RM. Superb CGI. Good storyline. I was amazed. It reminds me of the then Startrek, or Star Wars or Starship Troopers. No, not Ultraman. Urgh yes, maybe a little, especially when the all the wild creatures appeared and tried to kill Jack Sully.

Will watch it in 3D. Maybe next week. Or next next week. Hehe.

For those of you who haven't watch it yet, the only word for you, go.

I sincerely recommend this movie.

But please, dont bring ur kids. This is not a cartoon, or at least, this is not something like UP or Mr Incredible or Shrek. Like what happened last night. Last night, shit did happen when all these kids started to cry, when probably maybe, because this movie is quite long and plus, it's full with ugly-looking-creatures. I dont blame the kids since kids are kids. They no nothing. And that's the main reason i havent go cinemas for a quite long time.

So, for those who have kids, leave them at home, with ur maid or with their gramma when you want to watch movie. Everybody earns their right to watch movie, peacefully.