Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Entry That Has Nothing.

That's him and now he has voiced his thots, again.

But suprisingly this time, this man, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed or Che Det (UMNO registration number 00000001) has also launched a suprise moved.


You may read news about it here, here, here, here and maybe here, too.

Wooo .... comments and comments come just after the news spread and i'm not gonna talk about it. Malaysians all around the world have started their "unofficial political analysis" again after March 8, either on their blog or at the "kedai kopi" and starting from today, we can see that everybody will show their "i-know-everything" attitude during the "kedai kopi" session.

I dun care-lah about them. All i think now is how to create more money for my family to buy rice since the price has become damn-high and eating rice nowadays looks to be a burden for the middle income people like me. Or may maybe i should start eating tapioca or (more) potatoes as suggested by this a$$holes. As the result of this food shortage crisis, the Menu at most of the restaurant in Penang will Ubi Kayu Kandar Special instead of Nasi Kandar. Or Ubi Goreng Mamak or Ubi Kayu Kuah Taruk Atas.

So, back to my searching-for-money-mission.
Looks like i have to start a business in Penang.
T-Shirt selling perhaps.
This is the first design.
Taken (of course without permission) from the internet.

Without permission ka ?
Aiyya dun worry la about permission.
We live in Penang maa.
Itu DVD pun kita muleh buat copy talak permission loo.
Yang penting luit maaaaa.